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The first astronaut -- or astronauts -- with a physical disability could be announced as soon as Wednesday.

European Space Agency, said they have agreed to guarantee the future of the next-generation Ariane 6 and Vega-C rocket launcher systems.

Seventeen hundred years ago, a female spider monkey was presented as a treasured gift and later brutally sacrificed to strengthen ties between...

Op-Ed: The court case that had to happen User privacy vs Facebook targeted ads

Paramount says ending Simon Schuster / Penguin deal after US antitrust ruling

Q&A: Commercialization of open source for todays economy

Rail union rejects contract agreement, raising possibility of strike in two weeks

Asian markets struggle as China Covid worries build

Turtles and see-through frogs on agenda at wildlife summit

A global wildlife summit in Panama will decide whether to take measures to protect the translucent glass frog and 12 types of freshwater turtles.

A deadly volcanic eruption near Tonga in January was the largest ever recorded with modern equipment.

It is of public concern that students are exposed to high concentrations of pollutants, mainly during travel to school and in school playgrounds.

Broadband access is lower among low-income (57 percent) working class households. Within this, there are divisions by ethnicity.

Scientists and government representatives meeting at a conference in France voted on Friday to scrap leap seconds by 2035.

Hackers can use similar names to high-street brands to trick you into giving up your data so double check the site is the one...

Say hello to ronnagrams and quettametres: International scientists gathered in France voted on Friday for new metric prefixes.

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