115-year-old Spain woman certified as oldest persoliving

Guinness World Records said a woman in Spain is now the oldest person living at age 115.

Therecord-keeping organization saidMara Branyas Morera, who lives in Catalonia, Spain, was verified Thursday as being 115 years and 321 days old.Advertisement

Morera became the oldest person living and oldest woman livingfollowing the death ofFrench nun Lucile Randon, aka Sister Andre, at age 118 on Tuesday.

Morera was born in San Francisco on March 4, 1907, and moved to Spain with her family at age 8.

Morera, who has lived at the Residncia Santa Mara del Tura nursing home for the past 22 years, remains in good health, representatives at the facility said in a statement to Guinness World Records.

The super-centenarian has a Twitter account she keeps updated with help from her daughter. Her Twitter bio describes her as old, very old, but not an idiot.

Morera saidin a Twitter postthat her longevity can be partially attributed order, tranquility, good connection with family and friends, contact with nature, emotional stability, no worries, no regrets, lots of positivity and staying away from toxic people.Advertisement

I think longevity is also about being lucky. Luck and good genetics, she wrote.

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